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An Investment Opportunity

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The Royal Crown is offering a fun and exciting twist to the stallion incentive world. Starting February 1, 2020 anybody will have the chance to purchase a spot and be a part of the Royal Crown. If you purchase a spot, you can name ANY stallion that is not currently paid in to the Royal Crown, and have a chance at collecting the stallion money off of their offspring at our events. When you choose a stallion, we will contact the stallion owner and give them first right to buy their stallion in to the Royal Crown. If they don’t choose to buy a spot for their stallion, and give us written permission to allow somebody else to name their stallion to a spot in the Royal Crown their stallion will then be placed in the program with the person/people that purchased that spot collecting the “stallion money” at all of our events for the year they buy in. If you own a stallion but he is too young and doesn’t have offspring old enough to make it feasible for you to buy a spot in the program, but you don’t want to miss the chance to be a part of this awesome and lucrative program, you can also choose ANY stallion if that owner gives written permission to nominate their stallion into your spot. When your young stallion begins to have offspring that are “of age” you can then place him in your spot.

Why would we offer this opportunity?

This allows an opportunity for anyone inside or outside the industry to be a part of this lucrative program. It also allows for people that aren’t in the stallion business to be a part of something new and exciting. We feel like although the stallion owner won’t be collecting stallion money they will still be enjoying the benefits of their stallion being a part of the program (increased breeding fee, advertisement, increased value of offspring and most stallion owners have a set of broodmares and will be listed as the breeder and will collect breeder money as well as increased earnings of their stallion’s offspring). Also as the listed owner (with AQHA) of the stallion you will be able to consign 3 colts by your stallion to our Royal Crown sale, with no consignment fee, even if you didn’t purchase the spot in the program. If you purchase a spot in the program but do not actually own the stallion you will still be able to consign 3 colts as long as they are by a Royal Crown stallion. This is important as we will be offering a great "Sale Graduate" side pot at our events.

This program has been developed as an inclusive program. We want to get all involved. If a person chooses your stallion to be in their spot in the program, it is not a "dig" on the stallion owner for not paying their stallion in to the program, we feel like it is a huge compliment to the stallion owners program! We feel like this is a cool and interesting way to get new people involved in this industry. We built this program to be a positive experience for the barrel horse industry. There will be ONLY 100 spots/stallions available in the Royal Crown. As an owner of one of those spots, we see it as an investment because we believe as this program pays out these huge payouts and folks see the simple and easy rules that we are using, these 100 spots will be extremely sought after and this is where it will be a great deal to be one of those 100 spot owners.

The goal of doing this is that we will never have to go to a waiting list. If you want to buy a spot in the next few years, we hope that our first investors will benefit from it. This is where the investment opportunity comes in. Say you own the spot and you pay a particular stallion into the program that you don’t own. If the owner of that particular stallion decides that they want to buy a spot in the Royal Crown, they will have to buy the spot from you, or any other person who owns a spot in the Royal Crown and you can name a price for your spot if you want to sell it or auction it off. The stallion owner has first right to buy their stallion in each year IF there are any open spots or if they find someone who will sell their spot to them.

Starting February 1st

  • Choose a stallion, fill out the stallion nomination form and return it along with the current payment to [email protected] or 18685 Fisherman’s Road Belle Fourche, SD 57717
  • First one to turn in the stallion nomination form has the first right to the stallion that they choose to nominate. We will make the call to the stallion owner to get their consent to have their stallion paid in and get a signed consent to use their promotional material.
  • If the stallion owner refuses their stallion into the program, we will contact you and you can choose another stallion if you wish. If a stallion owner refuses and does not want their stallion a part of the Royal Crown, we will make it public to everyone so it is known that stallion is no longer available to be in the Royal Crown for that year.
  • If you pay in a stallion, and consent is signed. The stallion money will be paid out to you (the investor that placed the stallion in their spot). We will advertise as you owning the share if you would like, or if you’d like it to not be public, we will just put the stallion’s information.


Royal Crown Race and Breeders Incentive Program

Things to remember about the Royal Crown:

  2. 100% payback
  3. Affordable stallion spots (this is collected in payments over the year) which helps the stallion owner or the "share" owner.
  4. Progressive minds behind the program, that want to better the industry and not "line their pockets."
  5. An accounting of the expenses and with no nomination fees, the members of Royal Crown will have a very clear picture of the money that is being paid out and will see that the program was developed not as a retirement plan for a few but as a BOOST to the barrel industry as a whole.
  6. No nonsense program with the stallion owners and breeders in mind!!
We promise transparency, accountability and integrity. Royal Crown News
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