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There will be 100 stallion spots sold at $12,500 a share per year

o   Each spot will count as one share in the Royal Crown

o   Each share is owned by whoever bought that spot they can do whatever they choose with that spot.  They can sell it, sell their stallion with the share, or they can sell just their stallion and keep the share to put a new stallion into.

o   A spot will only open up on the waiting list if someone defaults on payment or gives up their position. If the share owner wants to sell their spot or auction it off, they are allowed to do that.

o   Each share-owner will be able to bring new ideas and issues to the board.

o   If a stud pulls out after being in for 1 year all foals bred that year up to 5-year old’s will be eligible to run come futurity age. If a colt by that stud wins at the futurity after the stud pulls out, the stallion owner will not be eligible for the stallion money. That money will be added to the stallion payout.

o   If a stallion dies or becomes sterile the owner has the option to replace that stallion with a new one, the deceased stallion’s foals will still be eligible for the Royal Crown; the owner will also be eligible to win the stallion/breeder money from the foals of the deceased stallion. If the owner is still breeding with frozen semen from the deceased stallion and wants to keep paying their stallion in so they win stallion money, they can.

  o   There will be a one time $500 deposit that must accompany the stallion entry form to secure your spot. You have the option to mail a check to Royal Crown.

o   There will be 4 payments of $3,000 due to make up the $12,500

o   Payment due dates are: December 1, 2019. February 1, 2020. April 1, 2020. June 1, 2020. If you don’t pay in until February, you will owe the down payment, December 1, and February 1 payments.

o   There will be a 15-day grace period for each payment. If you miss a payment, you will lose your spot and all money paid in. The next stallion on the waiting list gets the opportunity to buy that spot for the full $12,500. The waiting list will be public so you will know where you’re at. The new stallion owner will need to pay payments and payment amounts on the dates.

o All money will be transparent to shareholders; shareholders will always be able to see where all of the money is spent and payed out.

o There will be no nomination fees what-so-ever in the Royal Crown; any horses of futurity age by a Royal Crown Stallion will be eligible to run in the futurity. Foal owners will not need to pay foals in each year.

  o The only money that will be withheld from the share owners’ money is advertising and administrative costs.

  o    $100,000 will be held out for advertising; this will enable us to provide professional advertisement for each stallion.

  o    $75,000 will be withheld for administration costs.

  o   Along with the Royal Crown Futurity, there will be a $50,000 added open 4D open to the world. Horses do not need to be by a Royal Crown Stallion. $25,000 will be for only Royal Crown horses and $25,000 will be for everyone.

  o   There will also be a $25,000 added youth side pot open to any youth competitor ages 16 and under. Horses do not need to be by a Royal Crown Stallion.  $12,500 will be for only Royal Crown horses and $12,500 will be for everyone.

o   The open and youth have been added to draw a crowd for the event and horse sale. We want people who are not involved in the Royal Crown to be drawn to the event. This helps show the benefits of breeding to a Royal Crown Stallion and buying their offspring.

o  In addition, there will be a horse sale for the stallion owners and breeders that have bred to a Royal Crown Stallion

o   Each stallion owner will be allowed to bring 3 horses to sell

o   Each breeder will be allowed to bring 3 horses to sell

o   There will be a maximum of 500 horses allowed in the sale

o   There will be no catalog fee

o   There will be a $300 no sale fee applied to all horses not sold

o   There will be 8% commission charged on all horses sold

    If someone else pays in your stallion, the stallion OWNER not the share owner is eligible to bring 3 horses to sell.

o   There will also be a sale graduate incentive for all horses purchased from the horse sale. They will be eligible to run in a major incentive side pot.

o   To be eligible for the sale graduate incentive horses must be purchased at the sale. Horses that are not sold will be ineligible


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